Remove customizations with (Reverse) Deltas

I’m going to explain you a concept that is so simple that you’re probably going to react like: “dude .. come on .. you just totally wasted my time .. this is so obvious.. can’t believe you just don’t take this for granted”.

But I’m still gonna. Just because of the fact that the concept is so simple, that at first, I just didn’t think of it to use it like this.

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NAV 2013 RTM Column Adjustment and Customization

Learning how to adjust and customize columns in NAV 2013 RTM will give you a better user interface (UI) that is easier and faster to work with. In this blog entry, I will show you how to adjust column height and width, how to show and hide columns and how to add a freeze pane. In this demo, I will demonstrate using Chart of Accounts page.

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Customizations, Configurations, Personalizations Oh My

This document is about Profile Configurations and how developers can avoid confusion when working on User Interface(UI) customizations and upgrades. You will learn what Configurations are, on a high level, and how they are stored, how they are created, modified, deleted, imported and exported. You will learn why all upgrades involving RTC(especially “RTC to RTC” upgrades) will involve discussions and analysis focusing on Profile Configurations.

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