Dynamics 365 Business Central: ISV telemetry for custom table’s usage

When developing extensions for AppSource, every partner has its own licensing model. There are extensions that are free, others that are billed by users, others that have a fixed price for each month or year of usage and so on. Everyone can have its own way of billing their customers for using an extension. But there are also some extensions that are billed for the number of generated records on a period (electronic document transmissions for example often works on this way).

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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Custom API in Business Central

Today, I will demonstrate how to work with custom API in Business Central. Custom API is very useful when we are working with integration apps. So, lets start exploring custom API in business central.

We will take one table called student and will create one API page in order to access this table as API. Moreover, we can check this API in Postman as well. Here, we will mainly perform three operations GET, Post, and Delete.

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How to Create Custom Connector in Power Apps to Integrate With Business Central

Today I was working on MS Dynamics 365 Business Central and would like to integrate my custom tables into power apps, I have checked many blogs but there is no clear documentation on it.

So I would like to write and share it with you.

Before going to start I would like to discuss some prerequisites and overviews.

Source : VLC Solutions Blog
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How to use a custom SystemId when inserting a record through an API

Have you tried to insert a record to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central through a Custom API and pass a custom SystemId with the record?

Basically what I trying to achieve is when an Account is created in the D365 Sales system, I want to pass that record to D365 Business Central. I can easily do that using D365 Business Central APIs. However one of the challenges I faced was how I going to do the mapping between D365 Sales records and D365 Business Central Records.

Source : TharangaC
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