Is your AL code robust or weak, what kind of developer are you with Business Central?

This week’s video is a homage to all the great content and work Microsoft put into the documentation of Business Central. Historically, the documentation available to us has been sparse, but that’s no longer the case. In this video I check a new page on defensive development with AL. Check it out:

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How to Generate QR Code in Power Apps

Let’s start with the latest article; Generate QR code in Power Apps.

when you run your Power App, the QR code control will dynamically generate QR codes based on the specified data. Users can then scan these codes using a QR code scanner to access the information represented by the QR code.

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Code Analyzers Full Guide For Business Central

Business Central development requires tools that ensure code quality and integrity. Code analyzers are the best way to ensure that. In this article, you will learn what are they, how to use them in Business Central, and how to bend the rules to fit our specific needs.

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