How to enhance Business Central Role centers with the power of Widget Containers and jQuery

Using the ControlAddins and power of jQuery it is possible to add container widgets to roles centers to extend their functionality, using the page parts in which to publish the widgets.

Surely, this is interesting for demos as other products do the same thing, giving the idea that Business Central Online is completely customizable using internet services.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti Blog
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How do I: Access and use the Business Central administration center?

As explained here on docs:

The Business Central administration center provides a portal for administrators to perform administrative tasks for a Business Central tenant. And as a partner, you can access the center from the Partner Dashboard in the Microsoft Partner Center.

Source : Think about IT
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NAV2016 | Role Center Embedded Pages & Activity Cues

Many years ago, when the Windows Client was till called the Role Tailored Client and was freshly released I blogged about how cues are handled in the menu.

Before NAV2016 each cues was automatically embedded in the menu, and grouped together if the system could find the same page in the Role Center.

Bron : Mark Brummel
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