Test Automation Examples – a GitHub repository

Over almost a decade I have been evangelizing test automation by blogging, presenting at various conferences and webinars, workshops, and, eventually last year, writing a book. People are picking up, but it’s clear there is still “a war to be won”. Testing, more specifically test automation, is too often considered a cost center instead of an essential part of our daily development practice.

Source : Van Vugt’s dynamiXs
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Applying Pivot Table in Excel using Automation Server Objects in NAV

In NAV when building a custom report that deals with totalling the amount by multiple G/L accounts by week then the report becomes tough to read as well as develop in standard SSRS Report. A possible and easy workaround is dumping all the entries in the Excel and performing the pivot table operation on the entries to give a precise results.

Bron : Cloudfronts
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Remove Namespace – Web Service Response (Automation Variable)

This Post is about How to Import directly an XML which is coming as Web-Service from different platform like .NET. Whenever we get a response from a .NET Service we usually get Namespaces coming as enclosed in it. Now being a NAV developer it’s something which becomes a barrier to us while getting it directly Imported from NAV XML Ports. So here we are to how get rid from this.

Bron : Research – Develop – Share – Repeat
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Using Automation to Create a Graph in Microsoft Excel

In this walkthrough, you will transfer data for top 10 Customers Sales Contribution to Microsoft Excel and create a graph. This example shows how to handle enumerations by creating a graph in Excel that shows the distribution of Sales by Customer. You will run the codeunit directly from Object Designer.

Bron : Ashwini Tripathi
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Using Automation to Write a Letter in Microsoft Office Word

Automation lets you use the capabilities and features of Microsoft Office products, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV application. Today we will implement Word Automation from a customer card in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client. Note: The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client does not support automation

Bron : Ashwini Tripathi
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