How to use MS Teams for Dynamics 365 Business Central approval

In this blog post, I will try to explain and show you how we can customize Dynamics 365 Business Central approval and use MS Teams for that process.

My demo will be based on Purchase Orders and the scenario is that I want to notify my procurement department that they need to approve the document (picture below).

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How to Create a Custom Approval Workflow in Dynamics NAV – Part 2

Hi folks! I’m back with Part 2 of how to create custom approval workflow in Dynamics NAV. An overview of Part 1, we created an Event Publisher then we created function for sending approval then for approval, for reject and delegate. Part 2- Now we will continue with how to add these event functions to the library.

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Approval Workflow using Workflow User group in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Workflow user group is a group of users under one group title in Workflows with the users’ number in a process sequence such as an approver chain.

To define an approval request to be not approved until multiple approvers in a approval chain have approved it, set up approvers with incremental sequence number.

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Approval Workflow Setup and Process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Workflows are a list of steps, each step consists of workflow events, workflow condition and workflow responses. Companies require documents to be approved before they can be released or sent to the customers, vendors etc. E.g If a Purchase order has total amount above 10000, an approval may be required from the hierarchy before sending it across the Vendor. here, we use approval workflow

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NAV 2017 Workflow Purchase invoice approval

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be setup with 2 workflows as part of the same business process. One workflow requires approval for a purchase invoice using the approval setup, which will notify the first direct approver. Upon approval of the purchase invoice, the invoice will be released automatically which triggers the 2nd workflow.

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