Show Table Data from AL Test Runner

If you are writing Business Central automated tests then you are probably creating some data as part of those tests. Sometimes it can be useful to see the records that have been created, especially if you are trying to create the correct scenario for the GIVEN part of your test and are experimenting with the library codeunits in that part of the system.

Source : James Pearson
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Stabilize your Job Queue – a few tricks

For a few people, this will be a very “current problem”, for other, that have suffered through years of “unstable” NAS and Job Queue for that matter .. this upcoming blogpost might be interesting.
The primary reason for this post is an issue that – after quite some debugging – seemed to be an issue introduced in version 17.4 (and currently also v18.0). But I decided to tackle the issue in a way it’s a bit more generic to deal with “unstable Job Queues” in stead of “just this particular issue

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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