Guidelines for Partners: Translation files for your Business Central app: tips and tricks

Almost every Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central solution uses multi-language functionality, allowing to display UI in different languages. Using C/AL – we have to fill in the CaptionML property with a desired translation. Using AL – we have to use the XLIFF file for the same purpose. Both achieve the same goal, but both are very different technologies

Source : Simplanova
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How To Create Tables In Business Central

Tables are the foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. They are essential for organizing and storing data. There are different types for different purposes. In this guide, you will learn how to create 5 of the most common tables. Along with their pages and the most important properties.

Source : Business Central Geek
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D365 Business Central : StringConversionManagement Codeunit

There are lots of Management Codeunit in D365 Business Central. Let us talk about one of them which is StringConversionManagement Codeunit. There are currently four procedures in this Codeunit that you can call:
– WindowsToASCII
– GetPaddedString
– RemoveDecimalFromString
– RemoveNonAlphaNumericCharacters

Source : That NAV Guy
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