Dependency Analysis Tool (ALDependencyAnalysis)

Remember this post? Probably not. Nearly a year ago at Directions US, I showed some “how did I do stuff” during a number of sessions. And it ended with a lot of feedback, which came down to: “can I have it”? So, that’s where I wrote a post “I have work to do” ;-).
The “DevOps”-part of the work is done: ALOps is available and well used :-).

But the second promise – the “Dependency Analysis”, I only completed in November 2019 – and totally forgot to blog about it. In my defense – I did explain it at NAVTechDays, and that video IS online. You can find it here: NAV TechDays 2019 – Development Methodologies for the future (This is a link to the point in the video that explains the “dependency analysis” part).

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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