Upgrade to Business Central V17 (part 1) – The Workflow

Recently, we have been going through upgrading our 65 apps to the newest release (v17). You might wonder: upgrade? Wasn’t this supposed to be seemless?

Well, let me explain what we did, how we handle stuff internally – and then maybe it does make sense to you why we take the steps we took for upgrades like this.

Source : Waldo’s Blog
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How ‘Approver Limit Type’ Works for Purchase Order Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Manual processing, especially when it comes to purchase orders can become quite tedious when there are many transactions to process, but it need not be with a Purchase Order Approval Workflow. Enable your organisation to structure governance policies into workflows, so that payments at a certain nominal level are approved, but require further approval once they go over a certain threshold.

Source : Evolution Business Systems
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How To: Use Workflows to Set Up an Industry Practice in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central

A workflow is an easy way to connect business processes to the best industry practices. This functionality is available in Dynamics NAV 2016 and later, as well as Dynamics Business Central. The workflow module provides a platform to build instructions for automated commands. This functionality is for automating processes such as email, notifications, and approvals.

Source : ArcherPoint
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