Creating a Word Layout Report in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In todays blog we will be discussing about Creating Word Layout in Business Central MSDYN365BC

If you want to Create RDLC Layout then ref to my previous blog

Creating an RDL Layout Report in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (MSDYN365BC)

So lets begin with Creating a AL File For the Word Layout

Source : Divyesh Chitte
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“How-to” develop a Word layout report in Visual Studio code

Nice question in Microsoft Dynamics BC Community about report development in Visual Studio Code: “How to modify an existing report in Business Central?” .Is there any way to development tools will be used by partners to modify standard Reports and build/modify custom Reports in Rdlc or in Word Layout?

Bron : Roberto Stefanetti
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The Word layout document is malformed

Last weekend I spent time to get things working on my Azure machine for the fourth week of the Junior Developer Training. A five week course I am running since last fall for Dynamics 365 Training Ltd. in the UK. While compiling the code of our example application I ran in to the following error:

Bron : Van Vugt’s dynamiXs
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Using Automation to Write a Letter in Microsoft Office Word

Automation lets you use the capabilities and features of Microsoft Office products, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV application. Today we will implement Word Automation from a customer card in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client. Note: The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client does not support automation

Bron : Ashwini Tripathi
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