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Walkthrough: Managing Projects with Jobs

This walkthrough introduces you to the project management features in jobs. Jobs are a way for you to schedule the usage of your company’s resources and to keep track of the various costs associated with the resources on a specific project. Jobs involves the consumption of employee hours, machine hours, inventory items, and other types of usage that you may want to track as a job progresses. Bron : MSDN/a> Lees meer…

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Walkthrough: Synchronizing Information Between Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

You can set up synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Outlook, so that information about meetings, to-dos, and contacts can be shared between team members and updated across the two products. For example, a salesperson working outside the office can create a new meeting in Outlook in her company’s calendar, and then her manager in the corporate office can see that to-do in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Bron : MSDN/a> Lees meer…

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