Creating Animated Reports In Power BI With The Drilldown Player Custom Visual

Last week I had the chance to do something I have not done before: build a Power BI report to be displayed on a big screen hanging on a wall. To make up for the loss of user interactivity, I used the new Drilldown Player custom visual to cycle through different selections and display a new slice of data every few seconds; Devin Knight’s blog post here has a great summary of how to use it.

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Create an offline Development Preview – enable the in-client visual designer

Well, back in those days, I might have forgotten a few bits ;-). Namely to enable the in-client visual designer. Well, there is not much to it – you can simply edit the web.config-file, and add the designer-attribute in it.. . With PowerShell, you can do it with:

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Is Visual Studio Code really an improvement

Progress often doesn’t look like progress at all when it first arrives.

When on July 3, 1886, Daimler Benz presented his first car, it had a 0.75 horse-power engine that could reach a top speed of 16 km/h. It was able to cover 45 km on a single fuel tank, and it could only take two passengers. Compared to best horse-driven carriages of the day, especially taking the availability of stuff you could use as fuel, this was hardly a progress. Horse-driven carriages bested this car on all fronts, and by large margins.

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Adding new field to page (without adding to table) using new Visual Code

We will learn how to add new field to page which is not available in table using new visual studio code.

Sample requirement is to add a Boolean field in Job Card page to check whether there are any comments available without adding field to table.

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Developing Extensions Using the New Visual Studio Code – Part 6

After finishing step5, today I would like to create an action in Job card page using visual studio code.

Requirement is to:

1. Create a “Default Reason Code for Lost Quote” in Jobs Setup table/page
2. When we click Action “Lost Quote” in Job Card, the “Default Reason Code for Lost Quote” from Jobs Setup should be added to “Reason Code for Lost Quote” in Job card.

Bron : Mohana’s Dynamics NAV Blog
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