How Do I: Set the runtime version of the extension package?

Recently, on some of my ‘machines’ I get the following errors, when trying to publish an extension (F5):

The runtime version of the extension package is currently set to ‘2.0’.
The runtime version must be set to ‘1.0’ or earlier in the app.json file
in order to install the extension package on this platform.

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Creating a .NET Assembly, the importance of versioning

Everyone who has ever created a .NET DLL for his NAV project will probably have run into different kind of issues concerning versioning.
◾Either unable to overwrite without stopping the Server Instance
◾Not having the right assembly loaded
◾Having to replace your assembly in code and losing your events

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What Version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Should I Use for This Database?

Suppose you are walking down the street, a stranger quietly trades briefcases with you, and your new briefcase contains a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database inside of a SQL backup. The stranger slips off into the foggy night. This sort of thing happens to me all of the time, and then I am left with this database that I know nothing about. What version of NAV do I use to access it?

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New-NavVersionList – A Useful Improvement

Finally, at Van Dijk, we started to get our NAV (Dynamics everyone here is calling it) installation upgraded to the latest version. So finally I can really get into things like PowerShell, and not in the least the merge utilities. One of first things I definitely wanted to get going with.

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