Visual Studio Code Snippets: User Personalization, Shortcuts, Keybinding

Visual Studio Code lets you perform most tasks directly from your keyboard as well as utilize code templates, known as snippets, to drastically increase the speed of your work. In this article, I will outline how to modify and create your own shortcuts and Visual Studio Code snippets to suit your workflow and save you some time spent on repetitive tasks.

Source : Simplanova
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: checking user permissions on specific objects

With the refactoring done in Dynamics 365 Business Central for better supporting the SaaS environment, is not quite easy to check if a user has a specific permission on a specific object.

Permission Range table is now a system table that cannot be used on a SaaS environment, License Permission table does not give you specific user permissions and using the ReadPermission and WritePermission methods (that can determine if a user has read and write permission on the object) is only available for table objects and often this is not enough if you have complex security checks to implement (for example if you want to test if your user has execute permissions on a specific codeunit).

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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How to use the ‘User Task’ feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018?

To help improve productivity, the new User Tasks in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 allow you to create tasks to remind you of work to be done. You can create tasks for yourself and assign tasks to others or be assigned a task by someone else in your organization. You can also set an expiration date, create a recursive task, link pages and reports.

Bron : MetaOption
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NAV TechDays 2018 Demos: User Profile Picture

One of the more effective, and probably completely unexpected, demos at Waldo’s and mine NAV TechDays 2018
session was the user profile picture demo. I say “completely unexpected” is that it shows something that you normally don’t expect from control add-ins. When hearing “control add-in”, most developers (but also most Microsoft people) have in mind a visual control that visualizes some data from NAV/BC and possibly allows you to interact with (C/)AL through that piece of UI.

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