File Upload – SFTP

This post I dedicated in how to upload a file on SFTP from NAV. This normally happens when we are doing some sort of processing from a file which has to be processed needs to be downloaded from a SFTP and then eventually needs to be processed. SFTP is Secured File Transfer Protocol so it’s a level more secured then FTP.

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What SQL permissions do you need to upload a Dynamics NAV license file?

Whenever you get a new license file from your partner, in order to activate the new license file, you need to upload the license file to your server. However, sometimes, you may get an error when uploading the license file. So far, I have seen two error messages, that users usually get:

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Upload with FTP using dotNET Interop

One of the biggest additions to the development environment with the advent of the RoleTailored Client Microsoft and Dynamics NAV Server was the availability of the Microsoft .NET Framework assemblies. This allows Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects can interact with .NET Framework objects. You can easily use assemblies from the .NET Framework class library, your own custom assemblies; or third-party assemblies. This allows you to extend your solution and not be limited to only the NAV or COM objects.

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