Upgrade and reinstall Dynamics NAV extensions without data loss

In the version 2.0 extensions of Dynamics NAV, there has been an insignificant flaw [H] When reinstalling an extension that contains new tables or new fields in existing tables. The new data were deleted. With the Dynamics NAV 2018 CU2 release, that has been corrected.

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The 5 must-know facts about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Reports Upgrade

We all know what a difficult task can be Dynamics NAV reports upgrade if you decide to change your reporting technology from Classic to RDLC. It requires quite a bit of knowledge and experience to make your reports look and work the same way as they did before. However, once you can identify all the tricky places that might cause problems and know what are the possible solutions for these problems, it is not really that painful. I hope this article will help you to make Dynamics NAV reports upgrade more joyful experience.

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Database Collations During Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrades

This blog post describes how collations might change during an upgrade from a Dynamics NAV 2009 database to Dynamics NAV 2013, why they change, and how to determine the destination collation.

Today’s guest blogger is Erik Hougaard (b|l|t). Erik is a Dynamics NAV MVP who describes himself like this:

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NAV Upgrade Notes – First essential step for a successful NAV upgrade

The first step in my last NAV upgrade was to back up customized tables. Although having database backups throughout your upgrade process is a no brainer, my focus in this post is backing up locally tables that contain non-standard fields. Having the heavy customized tables readily available in the same database, somewhere in the range 50000-99999 it can prove useful.

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Day-to-day NAV: Upgrade codeunits

Starting with NAV 2015 there is an easier way to migrate data between old and new structures of NAV tables.

From msdn excerpt, the upgrade codeunits role is to provide “the logic for migrating existing data in the business data table from the old format to the new format after schema synchronization”.

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