How To: Update an Existing Excel File in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Online – Part 3 of a 4-Part Series

This blog series discusses each of those tasks. Part 1 explained how to export a file to Excel and download it, while Part 2 discussed uploading a file and storing it in a table. This blog explains how to update an existing Excel file.

Source : ArcherPoint
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The Mysterious Update Unit Cost field in Dynamics 365 BC Production Orders

At just about every Manufacturing course that I have conducted, I get the same question: “What does the Update Unit Cost do when Changing the Production Order Status?”.

My answer is usually: Forget it, it does not work properly.

Source : Aphorisms about Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Update your report based on a website

A quick hack today. Got this question from someone who needed to be able to update a report and show users that something had changed. This is easy when you have access to a database and can add data to it but in this case that was not possible.

So I came up with a hacky (and great :P) way to do this. and wanted to share it in case it came handy in your box of tricks :).

Bron : Kasper on BI
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How to update the selected line in the Subform on click of an action button in the Mainform in NAV

◾The requirement was such that , the user will select a line in the subform.
◾The subform has fields like the Customer ID, Customer Name, and a field Recieved Crates.
◾On click of the action button in the Main form, a page opens which contains the details of the selected line in the subform like Customer ID and Customer Name also a field Crate recieved(Integer Datatype).

Bron : CloudFronts
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