Graphical planning tools in Dynamics NAV and Business Central

The complete\detailed planning in Dynamics 365 Business Central (and in Dynamics NAV sure..) is done through the MPS\MRP planning which can be launched from the planning worksheet (you can find some posts on the planning parameters in this blog); However, it is also possible to use other tools that can be used for job planning or for lean production planning that do not require multi-level planning. The advantage of these tools is that they provide tree views and can be comfortable for top-level MPS planning.

Source: Roberto Stefanetti NAV & Business Central Blog
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Service Tier Administration Tool v3.3.1

A free Service Tier Administration Tool. All functionalities are working on LOCAL and REMOTE machines when you have the administration rights to that machine. Installing, Uninstalling, Start, Stop, Restart and dynamic change of settings like Portsharing, Account, start mode and settings in the CustomSettings.config of the Service Tier.

Bron : Simova GmbH (clienau)
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Speed up your Dynamics NAV with the Test Tool

Have you ever felt that Dynamics NAV is sooo slow especially after having restarted the Server Tier?

Every time you are going to Demo Dynamics NAV to a customer or a group of potential new users, you always have to make excuses that Dynamics NAV is always slow just after having been restarted.

Bron : Aphorisms about Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Dynamics NAV Data Randomizing Tool

There are a lot of cases when Dynamics NAV clients during their solution upgrade do not want or just cannot give their confidential business information for third part companies which will upgrade their solutions. Data is very important to ensure high quality in upgrades and new functionalities development. Sometimes it is possible to generate test data for client NAV solution, but it is not possible to ensure that generated data will represent all NAV solution scenarios.

Bron : Simplanova
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