Web Services Example Part 4 – Send SMS text message

With the fourth part in the web services series we are going to look at a web service that draw a lot of attention at Directions and NAV Techdays: sending SMS messages from Dynamics NAV.

Now this is something that has already been done by several others, including ISV’s, and I don’t want to give the impression that this demo is the only way to do it. What I just want to demonstrate is how easy it can be to send out an SMS text message directly from Dynamics NAV code.

Bron : Kauffmann @ Dynamics NAV
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User Interface Instructional Texts in NAV 2016

The Dynamics NAV product line has always aimed at providing user-friendly solutions to the users, so that this out-of-the box product would require minimum hours of training for the organization staff. However, in earlier versions of Dynamics NAV, this was not yet robust enough due to the programming limitations of Classic Client.

Bron : Dynamics 101
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Multilingual Reports: Labels vs Text Constants

Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports, starting from version 2013, contain multiple ways of storing captions and text constants to handle multilingual reports. There are certain types of reports which are printed cross-language. E.g., multiple sales invoices can be printed in several languages, depending on the customer they are issued for. These reports usually contain code, which dynamically switches between languages during the runtime of the report as follows:

Bron : Simplanova
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Export selection of objects as separate textfiles

While doing an upgrade from NAV2009R2 to NAV2015 I found that the powershell cmdlet Split-NAVApplicationObjectFile was very slow (took more than 12 hours to run).
Maybe because of the setup of the virtual machine I was working on, but that’s why I decided to make this small Powershell script that will export all selected objects as separated txt files, using the same naming convention as the Split-NAVApplicationObjectFile function.

Bron : Remco Reinking
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