Is My Record Temporary

Very often when developing we have logic we would like to execute on records, but only when the table is actually a real table and not when used as a temporary record. This could be things like inserting, modifying or deleting attached records in another table which would make no sense in most cases if the table you are currently in is temporary.

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Temporary Datasets in Reports in Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Temporary datasets are a widely used feature across the Dynamics NAV application. Examples of potential uses include reports, pages (e.g. the Navigate page) and queries. Temporary datasets can be represented by a so-called “buffer” table which is loaded with values and then used for further processing. Of course, the end-user will not see the difference in the data representation, be it from an existing table in the database, or from a temporary dataset holding the values from multiple tables.

Bron : Rashed Amini
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