How to solve Table Locking Issues in Business Central

Table Locking is a very common problem in Microsoft Dynamics 365 NAV / Business Central. If the problem is understood correctly and the right technique is used, Locking Errors can be solved very easily. This post explains different techniques that can be used to solve Locking errors.

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Using tables instead of table extensions

Recently James Crowter wrote an excellent article about table extensions and how they affect performance. In short, table extensions are great for flexibility and ease of development, but performance decreases when the number of table extensions is adding up. Especially when table extensions are used for hot tables. With hot tables I mean tables that are used often, like Item, Customer, Sales Line, Item Ledger Entry, etc.

Source : Kauffmann @ Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Table.Buffer() Does Not Buffer Nested Values

It’s actually really difficult to come up with a simple demo query to prove this though (the Power Query engine is too clever about not evaluating things it doesn’t need for the final output of a query), but it’s fairly easy to understand the principle. Whenever you have an expression that returns a table something like this:

Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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How To: Customizing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central on Premises Using Tables and Table Types

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, there is a table where customer information is stored. In addition, there is a table for vendor data, a table for item data, and so on. Tables let you organize and structure the data within your solution. There are different types of tables based on their technical implementation as well as their functional use.

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