Start Id(UiDOffset) in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

When you create a new table, page, report, codeunit, query, or XMLport, the elements have IDs that are offset by the Start ID (UidOffset) value that you specify. For example, you can specify a Start ID of 50000 and then create a new page. The first element that you create on the page, for example, a Container control, has ID 50000.

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Start Dynamics NAV Windows Client (RTC) from PowerShell

After my sessions during “conference season”, I promised to blog about my scripts. I decided to do this on small pieces of scripts .. and this one is so useful, though I only realised it was useful until I wanted to do a gimmick during a script. I’m actually using it all the time now :-).

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How to include Dimensions in Conf. Package Table Fields while using Rapid Start Services in NAV2013

You must have seen my blog video “How to Import and Post Opening Balances along with Dimensions in NAV2013 using Rapid Start Services” here.

You can see the Dimensions in Conf. Package tables fields but you cant see Dimensions as fields in Newly created package.

How to add the Dimensions in newly created package table fields?

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