Sorting Algorithms comparison in NAV AL with Visual Studio Code

In order to exercise in the new NAV Modern Development Environment I thought to implement a comparison of two sorting algorithms directly in Visual Studio Code AL Language: Insertion Sort and Merge Sort.

Most of the sorting examples over the internet are using arrays, but the issue with arrays is they have fixed length that needs to be declared upfront. Of course I didn’t like this even if it is just an example with educational purpose. Or someone maybe will use it also for a real situation, we’ll see.

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Column Indenting and Disabling Interactive Sorting in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 introduced the concept of interactive column sorting on list pages such as Sales Lines or the Chart of Accounts. This is a very handy feature, but at times, an errant click can send the data into a sort that you can’t get back to unless you close the page and re-open it. For example, the default Sort on Sales Order lines is “Document Type,” “Document No.,” “Line No.,” and since “Line No.” isn’t by default displayed, you can’t get back to the default sort.

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Interactive Sorting in Dynamics NAV 2013 Reports

Visual studio report designer enables reports to be interactive with its end users. We can let the end users sort data on the report and print it as per their choice.

In this post, I would like to explain how to add interactive sorting capability to your reports in Dynamics NAV.

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Walkthrough: Designing a Report with Images, Interactive Sorting, and Visibility Toggle

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, the process of creating new reports is divided into three phases:
– Defining the data model on which the report is based.
– Defining grouping and totaling for the report.
– Designing the visual layout of the report.

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