How-to: Sort Columns – SETASCENDING

Since NAV 2013 we are more and more getting the full potential out SQL Server.

In NAV 2009 (and before) it was, for example, unimaginable to setup “your own” sorting for your data retrieval as SETCURRENTKEY only allowed you to use the keys defined on the table you were going to query. Or not possible for users to sort their lists by any column, like they had been used to in, for example, Excel long time.

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How to set dynamically the Key and Sort Order for the pages using NAV 2009 Web Services feature

The default methods exposed when a page is published are the so-called CRUD (Create, Read, Multiple and Delete) methods. All of those does not allow to set up previously a key for sorting order nor if the records have to be ascending or descending.

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