Why Power BI Slicers Sometimes Show Values That Do Not Exist

The problem of blank values being shown in a Power BI slicer is fairly well known, but did you know that in some circumstances slicers can show other values that you would not expect to see? While there’s a good reason for this it can nevertheless be mildly confusing for developers and end users alike when it happens.

Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Sync Slicers & Sync Slicers Advanced Options

Power BI Bookmarks, Synced Slicers and Selections; these features transformed the way we report using Power BI. Now, most of the business users want reports with actionable interactivity. Well, it has pros and cons; today’s post is not to discuss that but to talk about Synced Slicers.

Synced Slicers were one of the most requested features. As the name says, this functionality enables you to Sync slicers among various Power BI Report pages, and you can manage the properties of it under Sync Slicers Pane.

Bron : Prathy’s Blog
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Rename Blank in a Slicer in Power BI

A common problem I see some people struggle with in Power BI is when a slicer contains a (Blank) record for some reason. The cause of the problem is not obvious and hence it is not clear how to fix it. This article describes what causes this to occur and also how to fix it (properly, and also with a work around if you can’t fix it properly).

Bron : Excelerator
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Create a Power BI Slicer Panel

There is nothing worse than having a Power BI report that has 50% of the space taken up with slicers. When this happens, you only get half the page to visualise the actual data. But on the flip side, if you don’t have the slicers it can be harder for the report users to filter the data they want to see. Many users don’t like using the built in filter pane on the right hand side.

Bron : Excelerator BI
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