How to Undo and then Redo Quantity Posting on a Posted Return Shipments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to Undo and then Redo Quantity Posting on a Posted Return Shipments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central. This functionality is useful if user ship the wrong quantity or selected the wrong item for Purchase return order.

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Creating a Sales Shipment and Partial Invoicing for a Lot Enabled Item in Dynamics NAV

We have discovered a bug in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 when creating a sales order for lot enabled items. To use this functionality, we have created a workaround so that you can create a sales order for a lot enabled item including the full shipment and partial invoice. This blog will walk through the steps required.

Before getting started, be sure that your item is an enabled lot and that you have enough stock in two different lots.

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How to Create Drop Shipments in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Need to ship an item directly from the Vendor to the Customer? Let’s walk through how to set up NAV 2015 to be able to handle this process.

A drop shipment is a shipment of an item or a consignment of items from one of your vendors directly to one of your customers. Before you can use this feature, you must first set up the customer, vendor, and item cards necessary for the order.

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Processing of Shipments

There are four ways to process shipments of inventory in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Which way to choose depends on the business requirements and what processes that are most suitable.

I typically discuss the different options early in the analysis phase of an implementation to establish the preferred method as soon as possible (if it is not obvious which one to apply that is). It is important to get it right early since the procedures, work instructions, potentially modifications and printouts all will depend on the method chosen (and you don’t want to change your mind half way through the project).

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