Use Excel to create a permission set

When developing in AL creating permission sets isn’t the must fun thing to do…. I thought it must be possible to find a better tool than editing the xml file manually and found some inspiration here. Based on that I created this excel sheet that you can use to create a permission set xml file.

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How to add custom permission sets

Microsoft partners who build solutions based on Business Central need a way to expose access to their custom objects through so-called System permission sets. These permission sets are read-only, but users can copy them to create User-Defined permission sets with different permissions. All permission sets released by Microsoft are also of type System.

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How to Set Custom Color Themes in Microsoft Power BI

When publishing internal and external reports for your business it is important to be consistent with your branding standards by using the same color schemes and logos. Microsoft Power BI it a great tool for creating and publishing dynamic and interactive reports and it allows for the customization of colors to match your brand standards. This blog will provide instructions on how to use Microsoft Power BI to create reports you are proud to share.

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AL Extensions: Importing and Exporting Media Sets

One of the things that has changed when you are building V2 extensions for a cloud environment is that you cannot access most functions that work with physical files.

This presents a bit of a challenge when it comes to working with the media and media set field types, as the typical approach is to have an import and export function so that a user can get pictures in and out of the field.

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How to: Set .NET Framework Types to Run on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client or Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Computers

Here is the brief description for how to set .NET Framework objects that are instantiated by DotNet variables to target either the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client or Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. By default, a type is set to target Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.

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Easily Finding a Dimension Set ID in Microsoft Dynamics NAV…or Mr. Billion Goes to Washington

With the advent of the Dimension Set feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), it can be tricky to figure out how to change the Dimension Set ID assigned to a record in code or how to assign new dimensions to code. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll spend a few hours writing stuff to go through all the possible dimension sets until you find just the right one, or your code determines that there isn’t a valid dimension set at all and you have to create one

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