5 Ways To Send An Email In Business Central

Sending emails is a basic functionality every company uses in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In this article, you will learn 5 ways to send an email along with some improvements to open the sending possibilities. Also, you will learn how to check if emails were sent or not.

Source : Business Central Geek
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D365 Business Central : Send Invoice Email with Attachments

By standard, D365 Business Central can send posted sales invoice email to the customer. What if you want to include other files in the email as well ? I will describe it here on how to customize it to include all the attachments in the sales invoice email.

To achieve this is quite easy, you only need to subscribe to OnBeforeSendEmail on Codeunit Document-Mailing. You can then call the procedure to add the attachments to the Email Item.

Source : That NAV Guy
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Send Email – Dynamic Content

One of my Customer requested me to have a feature wherein they can have the liberty to modify content of the email, add remove columns and do stuff like this. They wish to have long text as a free text along with certain database table information which they can attach detach as per there wish along with some html formatting possibly.

Source : Research – Develop – Share – Repeat
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Sending Email from Wave 2 2020

Some time ago I wrote how to send emails with an attachment from the cloud version (the article you can find here: Sending emails in the Cloud).

So why the post? What had happened? Those who know Business Central or NAV (or even Navision) they think – what could change about sending e-mails? SMTP Setup is there for ages. Set it once works for years.

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