Security Filters in Business Central

Business Central Security’s security system allows you to control the objects that a user can access within each database or environment. For each user, you can specify whether you want to allow reading, editing or inserting data in the selected database objects.

You can specify which records are stored in the tables that each user is allowed to access. This means that permissions can be allocated at both the table level and the record level.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti Blog
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Implementing User security in Dynamics NAV 2017

In Dynamics NAV 2017, user security can be achieved by assigning different permission sets to users. Permissions can be assigned to users according to their role. A collection of database permissions for one or more objects in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database that you can assign to one or more users is known as a Permission Set.

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How to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security on Azure VM for Dynamics NAV?

Are you also annoyed with al those questions and popups Internet Explorer asks, when you work on a virtual machine? I use a lot of VM’s on Azure, for training, demo’s, tests and lately also to try out the new Developer Experience and Development Tools Preview for Dynamics NAV Tenerife.

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Design Pattern: Security – Data Encryption

After applying Sensitive Data Encapsulation, all sensitive data is gathered in a known place in the database. This makes it possible to apply further protection best practices. Problem: If any non-authorized actor manages to get access to a copy of the database, the sensitive data is immediately available in clear-text.

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Design Pattern: Security – SSL in Dynamics NAV

The security of data transmission is just as important as the security of data storage. When data is transmitted over the web, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is available to be used with the web client in Dynamics NAV. Microsoft’s NAV cloud solution has SSL enabled by default.

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