Running tests in Business Central Online Sandbox environments

For quite some time, it has been possible to run automated tests in Docker using the Run-TestsInBcContainer function and it is my strong belief that this is used by a lot of partners today. Since 17.2, the Test Runner is available in Online Business Central Sandbox environments for installation from AppSource. From Extension Marketplace, you can install the Test Runner, open page 130451 and run your test manually. With BcContainerHelper 2.0.4 or later, you can also run tests in online sandbox environments, this blog post explains how.

Source : Freddys blog
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Dynamics 365 Business Central Sandbox Docker containers and multitenancy

I saw on different forums people having troubles on connecting to their brand new Docker containers created with the new BcContainerHelper module by using the sandbox artifacts (image of the online sandbox).

The new module for creating Docker containers for Dynamics 365 Business Central (that will replace NavContainerHelper) is well explained on the Freddy’s blog, so for more details please read it.

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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Business Central Sandbox is not the same as Preview

Just in case you have fallen victim of the confusion I see often in online communities, blogs, but also Microsoft official documentation: Dynamics 365 Business Central sandbox is not the same as Dynamics 365 Business Central preview. They are two different things. Keep in mind, in this blog post I am not talking about sandbox container environments (on-prem); I am only talking about online sandbox environments.

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Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer Series – Part 1 Sandbox Options

As part of a 3 part series we will be publishing several blog posts to get NAV developers started on Business Central extension development. This first article will outline the options you have available to setup a sandbox environment that you can use to develop your extensions.

Bron : Evolution Business Systems
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