How-to: Run Standard Tests against Your Code

Let’s confess before I start: getting standard tests to run against your code is by no means rocket science. However, I dare say many peers out there haven’t even touched the Test Toolkit, seemingly looking at it as an unbearable threshold. Too much work. Of no relevance to their code. Unknown = unloved (as my mother used to say).

Bron : Van Vugt’s dynamiXs
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AL with VSCode: Run Extension Objects (with PowerShell)

Some time ago, Mark blogged an interesting article about running objects from extensions. You can read it here:
It made me wonder .. how would I solve this? And one of the problems of asking myself these kind of questions is .. the answer is always the same :-/:

Bron : Waldo’s Blog
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Run Objects in NAV 2013 using GETURL and HYPERLINK

Here is a small tip (some of you might already know it): the GETURL together with the HYPERLINK can be used to run objects in NAV 2013 (even tables 🙂 ).

I am working on a tool to delete records from a database (to ‘clean’ a company from transactional data for example). Part of this tool is a function to view the data in the tables, and for this I needed a way to run a table from the NAV 2013 windows client (not the development environment). This turned out to be quite easy using the GETURL and HYPERLINK functions.

Bron : Olof Simren
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