Dynamic Role Center

This is a basic idea, how can you create your own Role Centre dynamically which can be setup by the users themselves.

You can setup to create Tiles and Text Link to open or run Pages,Report, XMLPort, Codeunits from your dashboard.
Currently I am using only 1 setup but it can be created per department and assign to user in User setup so they can see different Role Centre.

Source : Ajay Jain
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Tip #23 – The ‘Return’ Shortcut

Today I spent some time at a customer creating a new role center for Dynamics NAV CRM users.

One of the challenges we had was to create a My To-Do list on the Role Center that was based on the actual table. All went well until we started to test and compare to My Customers.

We could not get the double click on the lines to open the To-Do card.

Bron : Mark Brummel – Microsoft Dynamics NAV Blog
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