Creating a Word Layout Report in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In todays blog we will be discussing about Creating Word Layout in Business Central MSDYN365BC

If you want to Create RDLC Layout then ref to my previous blog

Creating an RDL Layout Report in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (MSDYN365BC)

So lets begin with Creating a AL File For the Word Layout

Source : Divyesh Chitte
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How do I : Add filters in a report in VSCode with AL?

Recently someone asked me, what’s wrong with me report, it’s not showing me the correct data?

After investigating I noticed that the report used filters, applied in several different ways and that the expected data was not showing up in the dataset, and then of course it was also not displayed in the layout.

Source : Think about IT
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How do I: Create a timeline in a report dataset in AL?

A question I got recently was, how can I visualize or create a dataset that can show/fetch information on a timeline? For example, I have a time-sheet and want to visualize the hours employees worked at certain projects, per day, week, month, year, and so on.

In this example I will create an order intake report. For the simple reason that for this report you can use the standard demo data in Business Central, and for time-sheets you first need to go threw a setup and then create the demo data.

Source : Think about IT
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Power BI Deployment Reports Tips for Business Central Users

In addition to integrating Power BI into Business Central, it could be useful to be able to use a fast access portal or receive scheduled reports from Power BI automatically without going through the complete Power BI (Pro and Premium) solution. All this is already existing and usable if I use Power BI Premium license or Pro license, or if I integrate MS-Flow, MS-Sharepoint Online etc. etc

Source : Roberto Stefanetti NAV & Business Central Blog
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Report.SaveAsPDF in Business Central (Workaround) – Download Report PDF in Business Central

As we know, Report.SaveAsPDF or Report.SaveAsExcel not supported in Business Central Cloud (SaaS) version. We have an alternate code for solution. We can save Report in Stream objects than after convert to file using Blob Export function.

Here is the sample code to download work order report in PDF file with Customize file Name.

Source : Nilesh Gajjar
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