Working with Mediaset References in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Mediaset is a new data type introduced with Dynamics NAV 2017. Read the documentation here:

When working with the Mediaset data type you might want to copy its content from one table to another table but not the same reference.

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How To Update a Class Or Assembly Reference in C/AL And Retain Event Trigger Code

When you reference a .NET class that exposes events, and you switch on the WithEvents property, C/SIDE creates the event triggers for you. If you later want to update the reference to the .NET class, for whatever reason (like, there is a newer version of the assembly), updating the reference will actually delete the event triggers with all the code in them.

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Setting up Item Cross Reference for Customers and Vendors

Do you know how to set up Item Cross References for Customers and Vendors in Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013?

Using Item Cross Reference allows you to quickly identify the items that were ordered by a customer or that you are purchasing from a vendor on the basis of item numbers other than your own.

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