How do I: Create a report based upon a query?

Performance wise it can be very interesting to use query objects as a data-source in a report (or any other object).

Imagine you want to create a report that shows the top X records from a table, let’s say for example Customers, then creating a report dataset with a top-x filtering can be very cumbersome.

Source : Think about IT
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How to: Join Data Items to Define the Query Dataset in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Query objects can also perform calculations on data, such as finding the sum or average of all values in a column of the dataset.

Business Central query objects enable you to retrieve records from one or more tables and then combine the data into rows and columns in a single dataset.

Source : Divyesh Chitte
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How to fetch data in Part type page using a Query in NAV?

First question is why query? Lets see the advantage of queries.
1.First you can limit the amount of data you retrieve from the server by defining only the specific columns you need
2.You can join multiple tables into one query saving loop code pattern.
3.They are also light weight than Table Queries.

Below is the article which gives step wise procedure how to fetch data using a query and how to link it to a part page

Bron : Chris D’silva’s Blog
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