How to Create a Purchase Quote in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or Dynamics NAV and Convert It to an Order

In this blog, you’ll learn how to create a Purchase Quote and convert it to an Order in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central. You would use this for various reasons, including:

– To purchase items or services
– Receive the offers from vendors
– Provide the prices and delivery time of items customers need

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How ‘Approver Limit Type’ Works for Purchase Order Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Manual processing, especially when it comes to purchase orders can become quite tedious when there are many transactions to process, but it need not be with a Purchase Order Approval Workflow. Enable your organisation to structure governance policies into workflows, so that payments at a certain nominal level are approved, but require further approval once they go over a certain threshold.

Source : Evolution Business Systems
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Incoming Documents – How to attach and view documents to the ‘Posted Purchase Invoice’ page in 5 easy steps!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s Incoming Document helps the user to efficiently upload and reference outside documents within their ERP database. Incoming Documents may be attached to unposted documents or journal lines and follow the posting to the resulting entries throughout NAV, notably posted documents and ledgers.

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Dynamics NAV Coffee Break: Purchase Order Processing in Dynamics NAV

Logging into Dynamics NAV as a Purchasing Agent, Gwen walks through the steps to process a purchase order completely. She covers everything from initial set up of the purchase order, options for posting and sending to the vendor, and where to find the purchase order after it has been posted. Gwen demonstrates a different type of set up to make the process easier to track received goods including back ordered items.

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Dynamics NAV 2018 New Feature Deep-Dive: Creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order

A new feature that has been overlooked in the recent blog articles highlighting what is new in Dynamics NAV 2018, is the improvement made to creating a Purchase Order (PO) instantly, from a Sales Order (SO). Although Dynamics NAV 2017 did introduce the function to create a Purchase Invoice from a Sales Order, that had an obvious limitation; a Purchase Invoice document forces you to receive and invoice simultaneously upon posting.

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Send Email with attachment to the vendor as a response in Purchase order workflow in NAV 2017

In this article, a workflow response is created in the standard purchase order workflow. This response sends an email to the vendor after release of the purchase order i.e when the send approval request of the purchase order is approved by the authorized approver, the status of the purchase order changes to Released afterwhich an email is sent with attachment in a .pdf format to the vendor.

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