Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to bulk edit user roles/profiles (Customization)

Last week we briefly discussed how to define default Role Center (Profile) for users in Business Central.

Then I received an interesting feedback. They had imported users, and the number of users is relatively large. They were looking for an easy way to edit the user roles in bulk.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Combine PDF Documents in Document Sending Profile

In this post, I want to share a new feature in Business Central, Combine PDF Documents in Document Sending Profile. As far as I know, this feature was released in the 17.1 version.

First, let’s look at where it is.
On the Document Sending Profile page, after setting Email to Yes, you can see this new field.
For example: Yes (Prompt for Settings)

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NAV TechDays 2018 Demos: User Profile Picture

One of the more effective, and probably completely unexpected, demos at Waldo’s and mine NAV TechDays 2018
session was the user profile picture demo. I say “completely unexpected” is that it shows something that you normally don’t expect from control add-ins. When hearing “control add-in”, most developers (but also most Microsoft people) have in mind a visual control that visualizes some data from NAV/BC and possibly allows you to interact with (C/)AL through that piece of UI.

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Working with Profiles in Navision 2016

How to: Create a Profile You use the Profile card to create profiles for end users. Each profile is associated with a Role Center. Profiles are typically based on job titles in a company. To create a profile In the Profile ID field, enter a name that describes the intended role of the user.

Bron : Ashwini Tripathi
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Managing Dynamics NAV Profiles from the profile list page

One of the topics I address on nearly all my courses is RoleTailoring. How to set up profiles and how to assign them to users. The process of configuring and personalizing the profiles is also a hot topic and during the implementation process, it is recommended to create special shortcuts for each active profile in the company in order to maintain each profile.

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