Change the product name for the Dynamics NAV Web Client

Just a quick note for those who might be wondering because as far as I can see there is no public documentation about it: According to the ISV branding guide, if you are qualified for certain exceptions you can do “Co-Branding” of NAV (and only under those circumstances are you allowed to do this).

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The new Item Categories feature replaced the Product Group feature in Dynamics NAV 2017

To help companies maintain an overview of their items and to help them sort and find items, it is useful to assign item attributes to items and to organize them in item categories. When customers inquire about an item, either in correspondence or through a web shop, they can then ask or search according to attributes, such as height and model year. In such a system, a category is a parent in a hierarchy of loosely coupled child attributes.

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How to send products for manufacturing at subcontractors in Dynamics NAV

The subcontractor functionality in Dynamics NAV is fairly simple:

– Create a new work center
– Assign a vendor to the work center
– Decide if the pricing should be calculated from time or produced units
– Set the capacity to handle a specific cost price
– Calculate calendar

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