How-to : Business Central, send to email printer

There is a new APP: “Send-to email printer“…

In the generic version of Business Central, a “cloud printer” named “Email Printer” is installed as an extension and is ready to use after initial setup. If a cloud printer is not installed and set up, or if an installed printer fails, then printing will default to the printing options for the browser.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti NAV & Business Central Blog
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Print the document to a specific printer

In one of my previous posts, I have discussed how to download and print a remote file. Here is the blog link

The solution in the above post will print the file to the default printer and recently I was working on a modification where I have to print the file to a specific printer instead of the default printer and couple of readers of my blog post also asked how to do this, so I would like to share today the solution for it.

Bron : Kulla’s Blog
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Insert network printers automatically

In my current upgrade project I need to upgrade a solution I did for Classic NAV where I used the “‘Windows Script Host Object Model’.WshNetwork” Automation object to add a network printer automatically.

I looked a round and did not find any dotnet object capable of adding a network printer. However, there was a c# code I found that was able to do this. So, I created a NAV Add-in with this code

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Printer Selections in Role Tailored client

Today Printer Selections Form 64 is not transformed to Printer Selections Page 64 since virtual table 2000000039 is not accessible from Role Tailored client.

I thought of different options for how we could get page 64 to work and decided to try the new Client Extensibility feature in NAV 2009, although this could also be done with filing a temporary table from COM.

Bron : Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog
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