Performance Overhead Of Using Power BI Custom Visuals

Following on from the series of posts I wrote last month (starting here) about testing the performance of Power BI reports in the browser, I would now like to highlight one possible cause of slow report rendering performance: the over-use of custom visuals. Before we go any further, though, let me be absolutely clear about something:

Source : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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How I designed a layered donut chart

This is a long overdue post, probably one of the most received questions on my blog was, How I designed a visual in one of my Power BI reports I published under my portfolio. As I promised to many, let’s see how I did it. Sorry to spoil, but it is nothing but a layered Donut Chart, but how I approached to show values probably is a good one. Be aware; I created this report quite a long time ago, If I do it now, I probably would have taken a different approach or different visuals.

Source : Prathy’s blog
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Build your custom visual with Charticulator and Power BI

Recently I attended an excellent session by Andy Kirk on the state of data visualization for 2019. One of the tools Andy is most excited about is called Charticulator. For those of you that haven’t heard about it, Charticulator is an open source project from Microsoft Research. Using a web UI you can design almost any charts by interactively specifying constraints (NO code).

Source : Kasper On BI
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