Turn the Dynamics NAV 2013 web client into a Customer Portal in two hours

The web client in Dynamics NAV comes with any installation of Dynamics NAV 2013. It therefore seemes obvious to utilize it for creating a customer portal, enabling the customers to log on to our Dynamics NAV to maintain certain data in your database and enter orders directly into the system. Don’t worry that a solution like this would be to expensive due of all all the extra users that need to acquired to the license, because this is why Dynamics NAV provides external users.

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Using Web Services to Manage the Dynamics NAV Management Portal Programmatically

In this blog post, we will explain how to access and work with the Dynamics NAV Management Portal via web services. The Dynamics NAV Management Portal has a full set of web services that will allow you to create applications, versions, services, tenants, backups (and much more!) programmatically.

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Web client & NAV portal framework

With the release of Dynamics NAV 2013, your applications get web enabled. By installation of either the web client or the portal framework for SharePoint, your applications will run in an internet browser. This session will cover topics like; Installation and configuration, security considerations and recap of most important facts to know about our web clients, including limitations.

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