Full PDF Viewer for Business Central (PDFObject)

PDFObject is a library that runs the standard built-in PDF renderer in the browser. This means that the rendering in different browsers may be different. This is a very interesting option for displaying PDFs in Business Central, as browser-based PDF Viewers often have powerful functionality.

Source : Volodymyr Dvernytskyi
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Automatically attaching as PDF to posted sales invoice (Document Attachment)

I saw a question in community yesterday, is there a way to automatically attach a PDF to a posted sales invoice? He wants to save the report before posting in the posted sales invoice.

In fact, BC has standard feature (Attach as PDF…) that can do this, however, it needs to be manually clicked once.

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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Light PDF Viewer for Business Central (PDF.js)

I have prepared a lightweight ready to use free extension for viewing PDF documents in Business Central. I’ve heard requests for Microsoft’s built-in PDF Viewer on more than one occasion. But since Microsoft is still working on this problem, I found it helpful to make a simplified version. This extension doesn’t need any additional servers.

Source : Volodymyr Dvernytskyi
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Business Central Cloud renaming a PDF report using FileManagement.BLOBExport

On the Business Central Cloud, to save a report in PDF format and change its name while saving, you can use a STREAM BLOB through the “Temp blob” codeunit.

Once this is done, use the function then the BLOBExport function present in the “File Management” codeunit to export the report created with the “REPORT.SAVEAS” command, changing its name during saving.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti Blog – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: Combine PDF Documents in Document Sending Profile

In this post, I want to share a new feature in Business Central, Combine PDF Documents in Document Sending Profile. As far as I know, this feature was released in the 17.1 version.

First, let’s look at where it is.
On the Document Sending Profile page, after setting Email to Yes, you can see this new field.
For example: Yes (Prompt for Settings)

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