Using NAV Outlook Client on iPhone

I held a presentation about features in NAV 2017 and D365 for Financials. When I presented working with NAV 2017 in Outlook, I remembered that I had never show how we can use NAV (or D365 for Financials) in Outlook on the phone. I’m not sure if someone wrote about this and I want to give you some directions about it.

Bron : Totovic NAV blog
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Send Outlook Mail with different Sender Address

For sending outlook mails one can use CU 397 and it works fine, if it’s ok to use the standard outlook profile as sender address (“From”). If you want to use a different sender address, then this is not possible.

To get that possibility let’s have a look at the in CU 397 used .net assemblies. There we have especially assembly Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Integration.Office. For most cases a nice little thing. But it delivers no possibility to set/change the sender address. So what to do?

Bron : Moxie4nav
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Creating New Entity for Outlook Synchronization in Dynamics NAV

This article assumes that the user already had hands on experience on the outlook synchronization with the standard entities in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Consider a scenario of creating an entity for the customer table. Likewise you can create any table as an entity from the Dynamics NAV db.

Bron : Congruent Dynamics Corner
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