Tip #67 | Convert Option field to Enum Field

Today I was working on our ForNAV AppSource App and I decided to clean up some of the warnings that were introduced with BC16. This was about converting Options to Enums and vice versa.

Converting an Enum into an Option is easy. Just add ToInteger() and you’re done. But how about the other way around?

Source : Mark Brummel Blog | Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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The CredentialQuery Option For Web.Contents() In Power BI Custom Data Connectors

There’s a new, as yet undocumented, option for the Web.Contents() M function that is only available for custom data connectors and not in Power BI Desktop: CredentialQueryOption. It does the same thing as the Query option, but it stops the values you are passing to the query parameter from being logged in Power BI’s diagnostic logs, so it’s useful if you are passing sensitive information such as passwords.

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Record.AddField(), Functions And The Delayed Option In M

Today I was looking at the Record.AddField() M function and saw it had a mysterious – and badly documented – optional fourth argument called delayed. Of course I had to work out what it did, and having done so I thought I’d blog about it in case someone found it useful (and however obscure the topic, there’s always someone out there who finds this stuff useful).

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Service Tier Reporting options in Dynamics NAV

Recently I noticed a new Reporting tab in the Service Tier options, in Dynamics NAV: It has the following options: Enable Save as Excel on Request Pages of RDLC-layout Reports Specifies whether users can open or save a report that is based on an RDLC layout as Microsoft Excel document from the report request page.

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