Fix Online Validation of VAT Registration Nos for older Versions

Did you know that Business Central and older Dynamics NAV Versions are able to validate the VAT Registration No. of your Customers, Vendors or Contacts?

But customers and partners are getting an error since two days when they use the service in older Dynamics NAV Versions/Builds:

Source : BEYONDIT GmbH
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Testing Business Central Online APIs using Postman

This post explains how to test Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Online APIs using Postman with complete details.

Postman is a very useful tool for developers to test various types of HTTP requests, including REST APIs. Business Central supports REST APIs in both On-Premises and Online environments. To test Business Central Online APIs, client application must pass through OAuth2 authentication.

Source : msnJournals
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Update apps installed from Appsource in Business Central Online with Powershell

This post will show you how you can update apps installed from the Marketplace in Business Central Cloud with Powershell.

In the example below, powershell will be used which will invoke the APIs needed to update the APPs installed from the marketplace. For convenience I added a couple of functions to the BCContainerhelper to make it more convenient, in this way we can take advantage of the token management already present in the module, placed in GitHub.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti
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Restoring your online Business Central database locally

1½ years ago I wrote a blog post called Mounting a database from my online environment using SQL Server on the host. This blog post explains exactly the same thing, just end 2 end and much easier to understand (I hope), using artifacts and some new functions in BcContainerHelper.

Source : Freddys blog
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Publishing apps to a Business Central Online Environment

There are 2 kinds of apps: AppSource Apps and Per Tenant Extensions (PTEs). These apps can be installed in the global scope in two kinds of environments: Sandbox and Production. In Sandbox environments you can also install apps to the development scope (like what VS Code does).

Source : Freddys blog
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How do I: Create a timeline in a report dataset in AL?

A question I got recently was, how can I visualize or create a dataset that can show/fetch information on a timeline? For example, I have a time-sheet and want to visualize the hours employees worked at certain projects, per day, week, month, year, and so on.

In this example I will create an order intake report. For the simple reason that for this report you can use the standard demo data in Business Central, and for time-sheets you first need to go threw a setup and then create the demo data.

Source : Think about IT
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