Dynamics 365 Business Central: using OData V4 Bound Actions

I’ve promised this post to some attendees of my last Dynamics 365 Business Central development workshop in Microsoft Italy (c/o Microsoft House) last week.

Question was: How can I call Dynamics 365 Business Central logic from an external application? Simple answer given by all: you can publish a codeunit as web service and use the SOAP endpoint.

Source : Stefano Demiliani
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How to get OData URLs with company names that contain forward slashes

Customers who want to consume Dynamics NAV data with OData in Microsoft Excel and have company names such as CRONUS A/G or CRONUS Danmark A/S may find it difficult or result in an error. When connecting to an OData feed from Excel, this does not work unless you don’t specify a Company Name in the connection string and set the company as a “Services Default Company” on the Dynamics NAV Server instance.

Bron : Dynamics NAV Team Blog
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Troubleshooting Data Refresh Performance Issues With OData Data Sources In Power BI And Excel Using Fiddler

A lot of people have problems with the performance of OData data sources when loading data into Power BI and Excel. One possible cause of these problems is query folding not taking place – if this is the case then the Power Query engine will be requesting more data that is needed and applying any filters itself locally, rather than requesting filtered data from the data source. How do you know whether query folding is taking place or not though?

Bron : Chris Webb’s BI Blog
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Web Services Example 7 – Call NAV OData Web Services (Part 1)

The Web Services series was started almost a year ago, after NAV Techdays 2015. All demos that I demonstrated have now been published. But I promised an extra example: call NAV OData web services directly from C/AL code. And at Directions EMEA 2016, a few weeks ago, I demonstrated that it is possible to call NAV OData web services from C/AL, without any custom dll, using .Net Framework library.

Bron : Kauffmann @ Dynamics NAV
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