Used and not used Objects in Business Central license

I publish a simple APP that allows you to see not Used objects compared to those assigned in customer license (useful on BC On-premise).

For example, the customer can extract the list of all objects loaded in the APP as customizations. Even if the objects numbered 50000 are practically free to use for the Cloud, the Onpremise ones are licensed; with a specific report it is possible to identify those already used with respect to those assigned.

Source : Roberto Stefanetti Blog
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Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to easily export all AL file names and Object Details (Type, ID, Name)

Recently, some developers asked me about the methods when creating BC development documents. They need to record the Object Type, ID, Name used in the project to the development documents, and they also need a list of AL file names. Is there an easier way?

Source : Dynamics 365 Lab
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