Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Get File Count from a Folder using Dotnet.

Today I want to discuss a code re-write that I had to do on a recent project about file handling.

Scenario –
PDF will be saved in a shared path whenever a purchase invoice is printed. To Generate File Name we were using Purchase Invoice No. and then extending that with an integer.

Bron : Saurav Dhyani
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State of .NET Affairs

I said a word or two about progress last week. Apparently, VS Code is not the only place where we take a small step back to be able to make a huge leap forward; .NET might seem like another one.

You know it, right? You know that if you want to run your .NET code in D365 for Financials, you are out of luck, and you do know that this applies to as much to Microsoft .NET Framework out-of-the-box types as it does to your own, custom-built .NET assemblies.

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Custom Page – Dynamics NAV

As we all know we have certain limitations while designing a Page in NAV, i.e. We deliberately cant design our NAV Page as we want to, Actions OR Buttons must be on the Top, We cant make buttons somewhere on the middle of the Page, We can’t design a page in which we can have multiple controls like Buttons, Radio Buttons and so on and possibly anywhere on the Page.

Bron : Research – Develop – Share – Repeat
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Fetch Filename from Directory using DotNet Datatype-NAV 2017

During recent implementation got task to fetch the files from specified directory to import in tables using XMLPORT and I was using NAV 2017.

Now in classic version we were able to use FILE and this virtual table was giving us the list of files in specified path by using required filters and we were able to import data from multiple files.

Bron : NAV Seen By Amol
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How to download FTP files using .NET Interop

Recently i have worked on a project where the requirement was to upload and download the files from a FTP. In this blog i will be explaining how to download the files using .NET Interop. There are several other blogs which have explained, how to download the files using ScriptingHost or .net interop but i have not found an example to download all the files from a particular folder.

Bron : Kulla’s Blog
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