Dynamics NAV 2018 New Feature Deep-Dive: Creating a Purchase Order from a Sales Order

A new feature that has been overlooked in the recent blog articles highlighting what is new in Dynamics NAV 2018, is the improvement made to creating a Purchase Order (PO) instantly, from a Sales Order (SO). Although Dynamics NAV 2017 did introduce the function to create a Purchase Invoice from a Sales Order, that had an obvious limitation; a Purchase Invoice document forces you to receive and invoice simultaneously upon posting.

Bron : ArcherPoint
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Setup Visual Studio Code and NAV 2018 for local NAV server installation

It is clear that the future of NAV is Visual Studio Code and AL. And to be honest I find more fun and interesting to play with this “smart text editor” compared to the old “development UI” C/Side. Even if at the beginning it seems more difficult because you need to know in what places to add certain pieces of code related to the object’s structure while in C/Side you are helped by the UI.

Bron : Andrei Lungu
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Dynamics NAV Coffee Break: Employee Ledger Entries

The latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, NAV 2018, offers a new feature called Employee Ledger Entries. This feature allows you to pay your employees with the same ease and efficiency as a vendor. Gwen demonstrates how to use this functionality to improve your efficiency. She walks through how to edit an Employee Card, update the General Journal, and more. She also highlights the new Suggest Employee Payments option in this how-to video.

Bron : ArhcerPoint
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Dynamics NAV 2018- Select invoices to post- Batch post specific invoices

Dynamics NAV 2018 introduces a new method to post multiple invoices at one time. Simply go to your list view and hold down the Ctrl key and select the invoices you want to post and then from the ribbon at the top of the screen, select ‘Post’.

Bron : Advanced Business Systems
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Import Symbols in New or Upgrade Databases with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018

What does upgrading databases have in common with creating new databases in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018? They do not contain symbols. More precisely, when upgrading a database from an older version to Dynamics NAV 2018, or creating a new database for the same version, it does not have any symbols automatically created or imported.

Bron : Dynamics NAV Team Blog
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